The China Capital Market Institute (CCMI), co-established by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and Shenzhen Municipal Government on December 3, 2012, offers professional education and training for capital market professionals. CCMI's founding funders are Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, Shanghai Futures Exchange, China Financial Futures Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange.


CCMI is positioned as a foundation-building project for China's capital market. It aims to become the prime platform of professional education and training services to enhance intellectual and talent support for the capital markets’ reform, opening-up and sustained growth. CCMI strives to develop itself into a center of professionals and applied research for the capital market, serving not just our local communities and the national economy, but further to involve in overseas markets. CCMI advocates its motto of Upholding Righteousness, Nurturing Elites, and Reinforcing State Foundation while adopting market-based, professional and international approaches.

鹿鼎娱乐平台 学院设在深圳,校园位于西丽大学城,总建筑面积逾11万平方米,可同时容纳1800人学习和600人住宿,环境优美,配套设施完善。

CCMI is located in Shenzhen with its campus in the University Town of Xili. With a total construction area of 110,000 square meters, the institute can host 1,800 people in simultaneous study sessions and accommodate 600 people. The institute is well-equipped and nestles in a beautiful environment.